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6 Fun Things You Need to do in Honolulu

Now is the time of the year to enjoy some time in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii! The weather will be warm and sunny and not cold and snowy like here in the east.

We enjoyed our time in Honolulu and loved being a tourist. There are lots of things to do there but these 6 were my favorites.

  1. Pearl Harbor

We spent a morning at Pearl Harbor and it was one of the highlights of Hawaii. It was an approximate 45 minute bus ride out of the city. There are 1300 free tickets given out every day to ride the boat to the USS Arizona Memorial. It opens at 7 and you need to get there early to get tickets. ( I think we were there at 8:30.) Other tickets need to be purchased many months on ahead. There are also free museums that you can tour while you wait for your boat ride. If you want to stay longer then a few hours, you can tour other ships, subs, etc. for a fee.

2.Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is a very beautiful and famous beach but it can be very crowded during the day. Between 7-8 in the morning was a great time to be there as there were very few people. Also we found that at sunset it was emptier too.

3. Diamond Head

Love hiking? Diamond Head is a great hike and not too long or strenuous. It opens at 6 so it is a great idea to go early. We went in the afternoon and it was quite warm. There is not a lot of parking so that is another reason to be there early. We took the bus there but it drops you off at the entrance to the park. That would be fine except that you have to then walk at least a half mile to arrive inside the park. (And at least half of that is up hill!) To walk in, it costs 1.00 per person and to drive in, it is 5.00 a car. The hike up to the top takes about 40 minutes. Make sure you have good hiking shoes and not just flip flops. Be prepared for long flights of steps at the top. Make sure you don’t stop before the top as the view is beautiful. You get to look down over Honolulu and Waikiki Beach.

4. Atlantis Submarine

Like to see the under water world but not into snorkeling? Then this is the adventure for you. You get to take a nice boat ride from Waikiki beach to the submarine. You get to go over 100 feet down and you get to see lots of fish, turtles, and sharks. Check for ticket prices online and if you go at 8 or 9 in the morning it is 15.00 off a ticket. We went at 8 am and it was super nice as the sub was not even half full.

5. Dole Plantation

I know Dole plantation is a big tourist trap but we still enjoyed it. If you drive from Honolulu it will take you 40 minutes. If you take the bus it will take 1 hour and 45 minutes but the bus ride is lots of fun (at least if you are a tourist and have all day!). Make sure you take the train ride to go see the pineapple fields, orange trees, cocoa bean trees, and so much more. There is also the world’s largest maze there. There is a beautiful garden you can walk through. And of course you can buy lots of souvenirs or the famous Dole Whip.

6. Ali Wai Harbor

Ali Wai harbor is just as you are entering the Waikiki area and right by the canal. It is a super lovely spot to get pictures at sunset. This was probably my favorite photo spot in Honolulu. We actually walked down to the harbor two different evenings and both times it was beautiful.

I’m sure if you spend some time in Honolulu you will find some things that you enjoyed that I don’t have listed. Can you make sure to tell me what they are? Because I plan to go back there someday!