On a limited Budget

Niagara Falls in the Winter

We travel to Ontario, Canada several times a year to visit family. Every few years we like to stop at Niagara Falls and marvel over its beauty.

This New Years as we traveled to Canada, we decided to stop and see the falls in its iced beauty. Last minute some of the children thought we should skip the Falls since the temperature was just zero degrees F.

After several u-turns we finally found the Rainbow bridge to the Falls. As we crossed the bridge and glanced to the left at the Falls in the distance we realized that we were seeing a real jem. Everything was covered in a thick white ice coating.

It was a slow ride as we drove by the Falls and hunted for parking. The parking fee was 18.00 and the children were moaning about having to walk in the cold. We walked a short distance to a covered walkway that went over the road into a visitor’s center. From there we could walk directly out to the Falls.


Oh, it was very cold. If you took your gloves off to take a picture then your fingers almost froze.

The rainbow over the Falls and the beauty of the ice was worth the cold walk. Everything was covered in a beautiful ice. I would have loved to take more time and get more picture but it was really freezing.

So if you have a chance to go by the Falls in the winter make sure you stop. And I hope that you get to see it on a lovely balmy day!